NetTime for Windows

Ensure that the time on your PC is always accurate

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NetTime is a time synchronization client for Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000. It can ensure your system clock is always running at the correct time by synchronizing with servers running the NTP and RFC868 protocols, and can also be used as a server so that other PCs can synchronize with the computer running NetTime.

You can run NetTime as a regular application, as an NT service, or as a Win95/98 pseudo-service. The installer takes care of setting up whichever you decide you want. When NetTime runs as a service, you can still load the System Tray icon, which connects to the service through shared memory. Either way, clicking on the icon gets you a quick view of NetTime's current status:

NetTime comes preloaded with a list of about 150 public NTP servers. This list is configurable through an INI file. You can type the name of whatever server you want, or you can click the "Find..." button to pick a server from the list.

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